The Seas of God
Fanfare-Overture for Chorus and Orchestra

Instrumentation: *3,*2,*2,*3/4,3,3,1/T,3P,Hp/Chorus/Stgs
Duration: 7 mins.

Commissioned by the Greensboro Choral Society for the 500th anniversary of the voyages of Columbus, this work takes as its text excerpts from Walt Whitman’s last major poem, Passage to India. William Carroll, the conductor of the Greensboro Choral Society, specifically asked for a fanfare-like work to use as a program opener. The work captures the exhilaration of charting the unknown, as well as something of the tragic figure of Columbus himself. Whitman’s words focus on the ultimately unifying effect of making of the earth’s peoples one people and on the still-present need for us to “farther, farther sail.” This work was premiered in October, 1992, and received its second performance by the Houston Oratorio Society immediately thereafter.